The logistics of companies in 2020

It is clear that everything progresses and every time it does so much faster. Therefore, all those who are in the world of entrepreneurship and innovation have to keep up, know the logistics of companies in 2020 and adapt to the changes that are happening. We must be liquid, as Bruce Lee said “Be water my friend” water conforms to any surface and we must do the same.
The first thing we must be clear about is that today we want everything immediately, we don’t like to wait, because we live in the moment of immediacy and we have got used to it. Therefore, our logistics must be efficient, fast and accurate, we cannot waste time in any of the phases that this entails.
Logistics Trends
Being able to fight against this progress and demand is not a simple challenge, so today we have brought you: The logistics of the companies in 2020, Some of the trends that companies apply to improve performance and offer a much more efficient service.
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Talent with specialized training:
To respond to all the challenges that will be presented to us, one of the best ways to do this is to mix qualified personnel and technology, especially technology. This is a method that must be given a lot of attention since we have to recycle our workers as technology advances. Or new employees who are used to methods such as Lean Manufacturing, Industry 4.0, business models based on ecommerce and Agile Project Management.
Higher demand and service levels:
Large companies are increasingly trying and demanding more from their logistics operators. They must have studies and experience, to adapt the logistics of the company in a way that is much more effective when satisfying external demand. Techniques such as market forecasts, product adaptation to destination markets or the design of logistics chains are carried out, so that they are much more precise.
This method seems taken from a futuristic action movie, but it is very real. Use of exoskeletons attached to the human body, to minimize the chances that the worker can receive some damage and increase their physical strength multiplied by 5. There are already companies like Ford, which have more than 100 employees who use this type of gadgets .
Concern for sustainability:
In transport and international logistics there are two trends that are always present. One of them is sustainability and the other is the resolution of problems in delivery to customers. On the part of sustainability, it is a constant struggle in search of solutions to pollute less. According to Supply Chain “It is expected that the railroad will be used as an alternative, along with the road to be able to transport more quantity of goods without using so many vehicles.”
Greater customer care with faster deliveries:
New proposals are being presented to solve problems such as traffic and thus accelerate the process of delivering products to customers. Some of these proposals are drones that fly over the city and thus avoid the agglomerations of vehicles or transport products in the trunk of cars. In general, proposals are sought that can offer a 24-hour delivery service. In this way we also expand the range of deliveries and make it easier for the customer to be able to pick up their product.
If you want to know more about logistics and transport you can read more posts in our section “Logistics and Transportation” . And for any doubt contact with us and we will solve it for you.
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