Suez-GoSeeds, open innovation with startups in water treatment

A success case between

Innovation needs presented by Suez


Suez is a large international company dedicated to the management of the water cycle value chain. Since 2017, he has also led the provision of services for industrial clients, following the acquisition of GE Water & Processes Technologies.

As part of its operations, it carries out engineering studies and actions, designs and builds water treatment facilities and manages distribution services for drinking water and sewerage.

The company bases its strategy on four pillars: digitalization, innovation, sustainability and social commitment. In this regard, Peninsula’s collaboration with Suez was aimed at improving field operations in order to offer the best service through innovation and market research.

We launched Suez-GoSeeds focusing on two lines of action

Improve intelligent technology for the management of water-related services

Develop an internal entrepreneurship program and implement the financial processes that support it.

This project has allowed us to investigate, in an international scope, a large number of companies whose activity is aligned with the Suez strategy, as well as to carry out a joint selection process with the objective of improving field operations.

Suez- GoSeeds, Worldwide startups Radar

The Suez-GoSeeds program is not an incubation program, nor does Suez act as an exclusively financial partner. The project consists of an ambitious worldwide search for startups that fulfill a high sense of technological innovation and whose products or services can generate an important contribution to the systems of Suez

The selected projects propose a pilot program of integration to the company’s services offer. It is a collaborative challenge , where it is taken into account that everything is integrated into a circular economy .

Benefits of Corporate Venturing for startups

1. Possibility of taking off

Since the partner company Suez becomes one of its first customers.

2. Scalability

The entity offers the startup a growth opportunity and access to a wide market.

3. Reduce development costs

Since it has the financial leverage that Suez offers.

Benefits of Corporate Venturing Suez-GoSeeds for Suez

In its search for open innovation, through the program, Suez has been able to verify the following benefits:


Access to worldwide startups
Through the radar of companies that Peninsula made.


Project Valuation
With own methodology.


Qualification of startups
On the part of Peninsula, which guarantees the quality of the projects presented.


Delivery of pilot programs
Aligned with the strategy of the corporation and responding to the plotted prototype.

Peninsula has provided us with a huge flow of continuous offers that help us in our innovative strategy. Through a particularly effective methodology, they guarantee the quality of the pilot proposals driven by a very rigorous technical process.

Catalina Balseiro - CIO at SUEZ España Tweet

Project Complexity

The project dimension was very wide. Among others, we developed an inventory of assets, which included:

Thousands of km of drinking water distribution networks and sewerage networks.

Hundreds of wastewater treatment, purification and desalination plants.

Operational terminals managed with mobile devices.

Industrial vehicles and cars.

Almost three thousand operators and supply and sanitation managers.

Millions of work orders.

Phases of the Corporate Venturing Program


Startups radar
Identification and interviews to potential projects.


Technical audit
Qualification of profiles and selection process.


200 hours of mentoring and validation of processes for startups.


The finalists present the pilot programs in Suez.

Results of the Suez-GoSeeds Program

Three complete pilots have been made with the companies Nido Robotics , Smart Monkey and Snackson . These are digital companies to which they have been able to apply fast pilots, of no more than three months, and adjusted cost, which has allowed agility in the process and rapidly obtain results.

Suez has access to the pilots and works with them in an integrated way. The Suez-GoSeeds program has facilitated the application of strategic innovation , identification of new market opportunities and analysis of the environment with an international disruptive approach level .

Dimensions of Suez - GoSeeds

International Startups evaluated

Companies that have been evaluated:
Initial companies
Water technology
Applied in the program
Finalist Companies
Pilots finished
Countries to which the selected startups belong:
United States
United Kingdom
Other european countries

Technologies applied to the project

Specific new spectrum technologies:
Big Data
Machine Learning
Cloud Computing
Price comparison portals
Artificial Intelligence
Predictive algorithms
Internet of things
Mobile and Web Apps
Inspection and mapping
Backend applications

In Peninsula we are motivated by challenges. Therefore, if you have any project in mind related to growth and innovation in your company, do not hesitate to contact us.

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