Reimagine Drone Announces Batch 1

Reimagine Drone, announced the semi-finalists for its drone services incubator. In various stages of development, the 11 startups selected for the pre-incubator phase of the program are from all over the world, including Italy, Russia, Hong Kong and Spain. With the five-month program spread across 3 stages, semi-finalists in the first pre-incubator phase will undergo intensive online Lean Startup training combined with a crash course in hardware and manufacturing. During this initial phase of the program, startups will compete for one of 3 spots at the first Reimagine Drone program in Barcelona. All startups who complete this phase of the program will also have the opportunity to travel to China to meet manufacturers and factories. The 3 selected startups will be announced in February 2017 and go on to receive specialized expertise, access to the latest drone prototyping tools and technology, further financing to cover costs, mentorship from additional business and IT professionals, hands-on time with technical experts to refine execution, and opportunities to exhibit at The Drone Show.

The semi-finalists for the first Reimagine Drone incubator include:

  • General Drones –  Lifeguard rescue drone that performs rescue missions in open water. Drones can deploy a life vest and float, in addition to resisting rain, strong winds and challenging beach conditions (saltwater, sand, etc).
  • Luminous Bees – Technology platform leveraging swarm robotics to perform interactive audiovisual shows in the sky. Swarms of drones can be interconnected via different devices, such as mobile phones, desktops and wearable hardware, with a wide number of users in real time.
  • Arkvida – Drones offering real-time inspection automation services and intelligence for structural engineers to enable better decision-making in repairing operations.
  • SkyDrones – Flight control system solutions for drones and unmanned aerial vehicles. Allows performing of both manual and fully autonomous flights, including various flight modes.
  • CleanDrone – Autonomous drones for inspection and cleaning of large glass surfaces, including automated docking stations and ground control systems.
  • Poladrone – Autonomous aerial solutions and data analytics for agriculture industries to help drive lower management costs.
  • Kapetair – A highly efficient autonomous VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) UAV platform for commercial and civilian applications that can autonomously take off and land on almost any surface, including water. Kapetair drones can also perform long missions, flying faster and covering much more area than traditional drones.
  • Edronic – A drone charging platform which will enable drones to perform autonomous and continuous operations, such as surveillance or inspections.
  • Drone Share Club – An international online platform for sharing resources and sourcing civilian services through the use of drones.
  • SaveSarah – A software platform to collect, analyze and share data safely and autonomously with drones during natural disasters. The result is dramatically faster decision making and more efficient use of resources to save lives during disasters.
  • LunaMission – An autonomous drone security platform for agriculture.

“This is the first time that Barcelona will host a global incubator program in a market niche with such exponential growth potential. For this reason, we chose to partner with Peninsula and Brinc,” said Joaquin Serra, Founder and President of Reimagine Drone and ambassador for Singularity University. The Reimagine Drone program also offers an extensive mentor network to give startups a chance to connect with experts in areas where they have knowledge or talent gaps. Mentors offer workshops and 1:1 sessions with founders to work out problems in addition to providing presentations on their local and knowledge expertise. Current mentors include senior members from DroneBase, Singapore Post and Atmosoar.io

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