La Caixa Foundation Announces Incubator Challenge Demo Day

Imaging easily find accommodations for students, high efficiency of mobile battery charging and sharing extra power with others, remoting diverse devices from your smartwatch, improving living standards of visual disabilities by ICT, helping customers enjoy in restaurants only through an app. Those fantastic ideas are all carried out by young students who are supported by Obra Social “la Caixa” in partnership with Peninsula.

This new proposal aims to facilitate the creation of startups which are adapted to students from 15 to 20 years old; Participants (all teams have been part Challenge Entrepreneur, which awards annual eduCaixa) perform a totally practical to learn how to validate your business idea and bring to market successfully itinerary.

You want know more about that innovative projects? Come to the ‘Demoday’!

In this first call, the Incubator has received more than a hundred inscriptions, and finally 30 teams have been selected to participate in the online program. Using the methodology, the initiative Lean Startup allows young people learn until they have become founders of their own company. The program has been used over 6 months to validated and improved their innovative business ideas.

On April 12 the ‘Demoday’, the 10 finalists will present their proposals to different investors. The event will start at 16:00 and conclude at 17:30 in the Canòdrom Creative Research Park. Please contact us if you are interested to attend.

For now, we leave with some proposals of our young entrepreneurs.

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