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Meet our client Jetro

JETRO stands for Japan External Trade Organization, a Japanese government organization that works to promote trade and investment between Japan and the rest of the world.

When it was born in 1958 its goal was to promote Japanese exports. However, it currently focuses its efforts on two areas: promoting foreign investment in Japan and maximizing the export potential of Japanese small and medium enterprises.

Jetro Needs: Prospecting, Methodology and Advice

In line with Jetro’s mission, Peninsula was in charge of developing the Japan Innovation Showcase Program with the aim of accompanying 20 Japanese startups in prospecting and market landing Spanish.The program included four months of training with Lean Startup methodologies, mentoring and pitch preparation. The final outcome was in the framework of 4YFN – Four Years From Now , the biggest event of Networking and Matchmaking for startups worldwide under the umbrella of MWC- Mobile World Congress .

Results of 4YFN

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20 Japanese startups received training and were introduced to the Barcelona ecosystem. Each of them obtained visibility, having a booth within the 4YFN Congress.


9 startups, selected by the mentors, received additional training to pitch in the Agora Stage of 4YFN. These companies presented their pitches on the 26th from 4 to 6 p.m., the interest was great and filled the auditorium.


Throughout the 4YFN Congress, 60 previously closed value meetings were held between Japanese startups and large companies such as Ferrovial, Roca, Sorigué, Seat or Suez. We must add about 200 visits to its stand Opening doors to negotiations and with the possibility of entering the national market.

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How was the Japan Innovation ShowCase developed?

Japan Innovation Showcase is a program that brings together 20 Japanese startups from different sectors, but mostly from AI, HightTech, e-Health and Fintech who want to explore the Spanish market and assess the possibility of entering here.

In November, we started activities giving face-to-face training in Tokyo (you can read more about our experience with Jethro in Tokyo in this article). The mentoring was facilitated by 4 of our experts who traveled to the Japanese capital for that purpose. Subsequently, teams were formed and they continued to be trained virtually on our online campus.

The final stretch of so many months of preparation came when Japanese startups traveled to Barcelona on February 24-28 and participated in the 4YFN.

During their stay in Barcelona, ​​startups visited Canòdrom Parc de Recerca Creativa, carried out various Networking activities, meetings with corporates of their interest visited the Mobile World Congress as well as the reference hub at Pier01. The 9 startups chosen presented their startups at 4YFN , before the auditorium full of attendees, in an event that was energized by Pedro Olivares and had the influencer Un Gato Nipón, who narrated his stay in Japan, his impressions of the Japanese culture and the professional quality of the Japanese.

Japanese Startups that were part of the Japan Innovation Showcase

High sensitivity portable camera
Plating for electronic components
Kotozna (*)
Simultaneous Messaging Translation Platform
George and Shaun (*)
Dementia Detector Device
Indoor drone guided by markers
Techno-labo (*)
Enclosure cases for IoT devices
Augmented Reality Communication Application
Pop inc. (*)
Smartphone camera, called Selfie2.0
Satellite Data Analysis
Trigence (*)
Series D audio semiconductor
Skin electrode sensors
Cloud photo management
LED devices for bicycles
Aquabit Spirals (*)
NFC frictionless for hotel rooms
Empath (*)
Voice recognition based on emotion
Writing and voice recognition
PicoCELA (*)
5G optimization
Vanguard Industries
IoT business builder
Machine learning neural network
Mira Robotics
Cleaning service by teleoperated robot
(*) Japanese Startup who presented his pitch on the Agora stage of 4YFN

Japan Innovation Showcase in the press

20 Japanese startups received training and were introduced to the Barcelona ecosystem.

From Peninsula we want to thank the trust placed by Jetro for this collaboration

The talent of the Japanese startups that arrived in Barcelona has been high-level and deserving of the entire audience they generated. Our knowledge about the ecosystem and mentoring methodologies makes this connection to our market possible. We are satisfied with the positive impact of this Matchmaking, both for startups and for local corporations.

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